Tobin Center Chaplaincy Ministry

The Louis J. Tobin Juvenile Attention Center houses youth ages 11-17 who are within the court system. John and Daryl Hersh became Chaplains at the Tobin Center in June of 2001. They have been mentoring the youth who are incarcerated there for almost twenty two years. 

The Chaplaincy program is run on donations from area churches, businesses and private individuals. 

I was 15 when I first was arrested for a domestic violence charge against my mother. At that time I was really upset and hurt because my mother did not like my boyfriend. I see now that my boyfriend certainly was abusive but the way I looked at it then was my mother was always getting pushed around by her boyfriend when she and him weren't smoking weed and getting high.

It was at Tobin I met Miss Daryl. At first I was really angry and did not want to talk to "anyone" because I didn't trust anyone. But when I started sharing a few facts about my life after a chapel service, I couldn't stop talking. Miss Daryl just listened. She didn't judge me. I felt better. From then on, I would talk to her every time she came in.

As I look back, she was the one that really helped me to start looking at my life and start changing how I responded. I really worked on my life.

I have 2 children now, going to school and a committed boyfriend. We are planning on getting married next year. I really appreciate Miss Daryl. If it wouldn't be for her I wouldn't have God in my life or be where I am today.

The Chaplaincy Provides

The Chaplaincy provides:

Chaplains available 24/7
Bibles and Christian Literature
Special speakers and programs
Counseling, prayer and support
Sunday Church services
Program Curriculum

I came to Tobin on a domestic violence charge with my dad. I was angry and arrogant when I arrived, but was able to calm down during my intake. The staff let me know that there was a chaplain available if I needed to talk.

I was taken to my room after intake. After a short period of time, I asked if I could talk to the chaplain. Since I was confined to my room for seven days, Chaplain John came back to my room to talk. He validated my feelings. I had many talks with Chappy (name we are allowed to call him) about anger management and how to dispel volatile situations.

Chappy listened to what I said and never passed negative judgement on me. He helped me in many ways.

How You Can Help

How Can You Help?

Community support for youth
Provide recreational resources
Provide religious publications
Prayer warriors

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